Testifying in Court: How to Prepare

Testifying in court

Testifying in court can be a stressful experience. When you go into court everything you do is being judged. The way you are dressed, the way you present yourself, and what you have to say are all being scrutinized. It is important to present yourself in a professional manner and act very seriously.

Tips for Testifying in Court

Here are some tips to keep in mind:

  1. Act responsibly and professionally outside of the courtroom. When you’re in public space outside of the courtroom, do not discuss the case with anyone. Jurors and people from the opposing defense could overhear and use your “gossiping” against you.
  2. It is imperative that you dress professionally and look put together to appear in court. People are looking at what you wear and how you present yourself. If you are dressed sloppily, it could be distracting to everyone.
  3. When you are first called to testify, you will be sworn in as a witness. It is important to stand up straight and clearly say “I do”when you take the oath.
  4. Speak clearly and confidently. In order to be taken seriously, you must speak clearly, confidently, and loud enough so everyone can hear. Do not exaggerate answers and if you don’t know an answer, simply say “I don’t know.”
  5. Listen carefully and think before you speak. Once your words are spoken, you cannot take them back. It is extremely important when testifying to think before you speak and only answer the question that is asked.


With these tips, you should be more prepared for your day of testifying in court. Just remember to look and act professional and speak clearly. Preparing and going over your notes is one of the best things you can do for your case. Knowing what to do before you go into the courtroom can help you stay calm and have a successful day of testimony.