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Commercial Litigation

law3We offer smaller & mid size companies cost efficient advocacy and the level of expertise expected from a large firm, with the personal attention and a business solution approach from attorneys with litigation experience.
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Criminal Defense Lawyer

law2 Our attorneys have experience in local Courthouses within Lackawanna County and we have successfully handled thousands of criminal matters. If you are faced with a criminal charge in Scranton Wilkes Barre PA.
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Personal Injury Lawyers

law3We offer smaller & mid size companies cost efficient advocacy and the level of expertise expected from a large firm, with the personal attention and a business solution approach from attorneys with litigation experience.
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Atty. Bigda strives to exceed his clients’ expectations. Throughout the years, he has solved countless problems, valued the business of those he defended and treated his clients’ problems as if they were his own.


Within 18 years of practicing, he has gained complete understanding for the needs of his clients. He works to the best of his legal ability as well as practice professional ethics. Mr. Bigda provides his clients the answers and compensation they deserve. Through compassion, he understands his client’s problem and through determination he secures the answer.

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Andrew D. Bigda received his Bachelors Degree from St. Lawrence University and his J.D. from the Columbus School of Law of The Catholic University of America in Washington, D.C. in 1994.  After passing the Pennsylvania and Maryland bar exams, he began his career as an Assistant District Attorney in the Luzerne County District Attorney’s Office.  As an Assistant District Attorney, Mr. Bigda tried many significant and high profile cases.  In 2000, after nearly 5 years in that office, Mr. Bigda joined the Wilkes-Barre law firm, Rosenn, Jenkins & Greenwald, LLP.  In 2005, he became a partner.

After 18 years of practicing, he primarily focuses on plaintiff’s personal injury cases, criminal defense cases, and commercial litigation cases. With over 65 jury trials, he has obtained the kind of extensive experience few attorneys ever gain in protecting people’s rights and obtaining awards and settlements.

Andrew D. Bigda’s Law Office is located on Rutter Avenue in Kingston, Pennsylvania. As an active member in his community, Andrew D. Bigda is a member of the Pennsylvania Bar Association, as well as, the Luzerne County Bar Association where he had held the position of President in the Young Lawyers Division.  Mr. Bigda is also a member and advocate for the American Association for Justice (AAJ). He values his community and seeks to keep it a safe place to live and work. As a member of the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers (NACDL), Mr. Bigda exemplifies integrity, ensures justice and properly administers criminal justice.

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18 Years of Practise with 65 Jury Trials.
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Slip and Fall Injuries

Hiring a personal injury lawyer

Imagine sitting at home, bitter, upset, and injured- now imagine how happy you could be because you had a rightful claim when you took a chance and called an experienced personal injury lawyer. If you have been hurt and believe you have suffered a personal injury that requires...
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Slip and Fall Injuries

Wilkes Barre Slip and Fall Injuries The term “slip and fall accident” is used in personal injury law to describe a class of cases where a person slips, trips, or falls on another’s property. Generally, a “slip and fall” claim falls under a broad category of “premises...
Wilkes Barre Medical Malpractice

Medical Malpractice Cases

Wilkes Barre Medical Malpractice Attorney Medical Malpractice is the failure of medical professionals (including doctors, nurses and hospitals) to provide acceptable treatments to patients. It is the third leading cause of death in America, killing 100,000 people every year. Some...
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criminal defense attorney

When Do You Need A Criminal Defense Attorney?

If you or a loved one is being charged with a crime, you need to hire a criminal defense attorney as soon as possible. In order to understand your rights and the often-complicated procedures of the law, a qualified criminal defense attorney is necessary to protect you, represent...

Consequences of Driving Without Your ID

Going out? I usually go through this kind of ritual that helps me know if I have everything with me. First, I check if I’m bringing cash with me; second, I then see if I have my wallet in my back pocket; third, I see if I have my keys with me. Even though this has helped me not...
DUI Arrest

Important Steps Following a DUI Arrest

If you or a loved one has been arrested for a DUI, there are certain measures that need to be taken following your arrest. Do your research and understand what you are getting yourself into, but do not go into this alone. What to Do After a DUI Arrest in Scranton First, it is...
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Personal Injury & Workers’ Compensation

What’s The Difference between Personal Injury & Workers’ Compensation? When an employee is injured on the job, the remedies available to him may include workers’ compensation and/or a personal injury lawsuit, but many people do not understand the difference between th...
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A Basic Guide to Personal Injury Law in PA

When you’re injured due to the fault of another, it can be a hard time for you and your family. It is of crucial importance to obtain a personal injury attorney as soon as possible in order for you to receive proper representation, and ultimately the best compensation for...

Finding a lawyer in NEPA

More often than not you only search for a lawyer when you need one fast. When you search for a lawyer like this, it’s very hard to find the right lawyer for your case. While the best method is to find a lawyer before you need it, here are some helpful tips to consider when hiring...