When to Consider Hiring an Attorney After an Accident

hiring an attorney

You’ve just been in an auto accident, you’re scared, in pain and confused on what to do. There’s damage to your vehicle. The other party is complying with you and you exchange insurance information. What should you do once you leave the scene of an accident? How do you handle doctors appointments for your pain, missed work, insurance claims? Let’s take a look at when it might be time to consider hiring an attorney to assist you.


Hiring an Attorney After an Accident

How Serious Should a Car Wreck Be Before You Call an Attorney?

Whenever there is damage to your vehicle, there may certainly be additional damage to your body. A lot of times, a person may go into shock at the time of the accident and not feel pain for hours or days later. You need to get checked out by a doctor to make sure there is nothing wrong and a good idea is to take a consultation with an attorney.


Is It Smart To Accept and Insurance Company’s First Offer?

You first need to make sure that you are O.K. If you accept a small offer from the insurance company to settle your case, and then run into additional health issues related to the accident down the road, you have no recourse to be compensated for your injuries. Take the time to make sure your health is not at risk first, and then have an attorney deal with the lengthy insurance process.


How Quickly After an Accident Should You Contact an Attorney?

It is very important to talk to a personal injury Lawyer as soon as you can after an auto accident. Many people think they can try to settle a case themselves and then speak to an attorney if the insurance company is not giving them what they need. The problem with this is that insurance adjusters are trained to save their company money. That is why you need someone similarly trained to be an advocate for yourself after an auto accident.


If you have the unfortunate situation of being in an auto accident, make sure to get checked out by a doctor and contact an attorney as soon as possible. If there is damage to your car, there may very well be damage to your body. Do not try to fight the insurance company by yourself, you will only be helping them by doing so. Hire a competent and reputable to handle the case for you to make sure you are not left uncompensated for your injuries.