Why You Need an Attorney That Specializes in Personal Injury Law

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If you’re having heart issues, you don’t schedule an appointment with a foot doctor. The same logic applies to hiring a lawyer after a serious car accident. If you or a loved one was hurt in the collision, you probably shouldn’t call your tax attorney for help. You should contact an experienced attorney specializing in personal injury law.

Personal Injury Law


Personal Injury Law is Complex

Some people may think, “car accident cases are easy, any lawyer can handle them.” This is wrong on so many levels. Personal injury law can be quite complex. For example, if you were involved in a multi-vehicle collision, there are could be multiple insurance carriers that need to be contacted to determine available coverage and which party is liable for the harms caused by the wreck. There is vital evidence that must be collected and you can be quite certain each insurance company involved is going to have a defense attorney ready to try and minimize your claim.


Reputation Matters to Insurance Companies

If you file an injury claim with an insurance company, even your own insurance company, a component of their evaluation of your claim may be the experience and success rate of the attorney you hired. If your lawyer has a track record of taking cases to trial and getting large verdicts, that is likely to play a factor in the insurance company’s calculus for whether to settle your claim or not. This is why hiring a highly experienced Norfolk car accident lawyer is such a tremendous benefit.


I’m on a Budget, Can I Really Afford an Experienced Car Accident Attorney

Yes. The vast majority of personal injury attorneys work on a contingency fee basis. This basically means that you can hire an experienced car accident lawyer without paying anything up front and your lawyer will only get compensated when, or if, your case gets resolved through a settlement, judgment, or jury verdict. This means hiring a seasoned personal injury attorney is a low risk, high reward proposition.


When in an accident, and needing to hire an attorney, it is imperative that you hire someone with the knowledge to handle your case. There are many different types of lawyers, just like there are many different types of doctors, and going to a specialist in terms of a serious case is important to ensure you are happy and healthy once the ordeal is over with.