How to File a PFA


A PFA is a Protection From Abuse act that states if you are a victim of domestic violence you can receive protection orders. This act can help protect you. A lawyer can help you file the PFA so that you can become safer as soon as possible.

PFAs in Pennsylvania

Anybody who is being abused by a current/former spouse, current/former intimate partner, parent or child, or a person related by blood or marriage can file for a PFA. If you fall into one of these categories your local criminal defense lawyer can help you start the process of filing a PFA. Abuse can fall under any of these categories: causing/attempting bodily harm, placing someone in fear of bodily injury, or stalking. If a minor is being abused physically or sexually a PFA can be filed. If someone hindered your freedom of movement you can also file one. While emotional, mental, and financial abuse may occur the PFA act cannot help in these cases.

A PFA can help you in more ways than you think. An abuser will be directed not to harass you in any way. They can be asked to move from the residence and stop them from calling you. You may get custody of a minor if you have kids but it may only be temporary, along with temporary child/spousal support. The abuser will not be allowed to have gun permits or guns and will need to attend a counseling program. Any other relief that can be granted can be asked of the judge to grant it, but the request must be just and appropriate. Domestic abuse is nothing to ignore. When it starts, a PFA should be filed immediately if the events have happened recently, getting worse, or if a PFA may help protect you. You may be granted protection for up to three years unless a judge extends it, because the abuser has disobeyed the agreement. Each case is different so calling a lawyer can ensure that your case is dealt with your best interest in mind.