What a Criminal Defense Lawyer Can Do For You


A criminal defense attorney in Scranton is responsible for representing a defendant during their criminal trial. No matter what crime the defendant allegedly committed, the defense attorney is responsible for giving their client counsel, representation, and advice during the trial period.  Attorney’s fees can add up to thousands and thousands of dollars, so if the defendant cannot afford a private attorney the state will provide them with a public defender. However, the majority of criminal defense lawyers work for a private criminal defense firm and not the state.

handcuffsThe defense lawyers can become involved much earlier in the criminal justice process than defense lawyers can. They will even provide someone with legal services before charges are even filed against their client. They can give advice to and protect their client when they are being interviewed by the police.

During an interrogation, the suspect has a right to stop talking and request an attorney’s assistance. This also applies to other procedures. They are extremely important when a suspect is going through the pre-trial phases. It is the suspects critical chance to prepare themselves to win an upcoming trial.

The defense attorney is vital to engaging in plea negotiations with the prosecution lawyers. Most plea deals offer a lesser sentence or a drop in charges in exchange for a confession or admission of guilt. A bad defense attorney may not take advantage of a situation like this and leave their client without many options.

A good criminal defense lawyer in NEPA will make sure that they research all of the facts involved in the case so that they can represent their client in the best ways possible. They are also responsible for knowing the laws backward and forwards to give their clients a premium defense.

It is really imperative to have a criminal defense attorney as the majority of people who represent themselves never win.