Consequences of Driving Without Your ID

Going out? I usually go through this kind of ritual that helps me know if I have everything with me. First, I check if I’m bringing cash with me; second, I then see if I have my wallet in my back pocket; third, I see if I have my keys with me. Even though this has helped me not to forget anything ever, there is certainly a glitch in my procedure because I don’t actually check the contents of my wallet, where I usually keep my driving licence. So, I strongly recommend you make sure you’re bringing your driver’s licence with you if you’re planning to drive. Here’s why.

  1. A huge fine may come your way: The state of Pennsylvania is one of the toughest states about driving without a licence; the fine that you may get can be as expensive as $200. However, there is a difference about failing to exhibit a licence on demand and Driving Under Suspension ticket. The main difference is that the latter may lead the state to revoke your licence permanently; whereas the former may end up in just a $25 dollar ticket, as long as you can prove that you owed a valid driver’s licence that was valid on the last day of your preceding driver’s licence and no more than a year has passed since your last renewal.
  2. A permanent mark on your record: If you fail to provide the evidence mentioned above, not only will you be liable for the fine but you will have a mark that will go to your permanent criminal record and we all know that is not good.
  3. You may have to face some jail time: Pennsylvania law states that if you violate section 1501 paragraph a for the second time before 7 years have passed since your first offence, you may have to face imprisonment for a period of 6 months and a second fine that may be as high as $1000.

If you ever find yourself in one of these situations it might be best to contact your local Wilkes Barre Attorney or Kingston Lawyer. We at Bigda Law can help. I know I’ll definitely be checking if I have my licence with me before leaving the house. How about you?