5 Most Bizarre Personal Injury Cases

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While many legal cases come to light because of terrible wrong doing or injustice, we feel some topics must leave the court reports scratching their heads. Here are some of our favorite bizarre court cases.



1. McDonald’s and the Hot Coffee

A woman sued and won a case against McDonald’s for serving hot coffee. In 1992 Stella Liebeck, a seventy-nine year old woman bought a cup of coffee from a McDonald’s drive through in Albuquerque, New Mexico. She put the coffee between her knees and when she went to lift the lid, spilled the coffee on herself. The spill resulted in burns and she sued McDonald’s for negligence. A jury decided the fast food chain was at fault and the woman won the personal injury case.


url-32. Beauty is in the Eye of the Beer-Holder.

In 1991 a man brought Budweiser to court, claiming he deserved compensation because of the stress he endured due to false advertising.  He claimed in his $10,000 case, the company’s ads were untrue, when he drank the beer, beautiful bikini-clad women did not start flocking to him. He claimed the ads caused him emotional distress, mental injury and financial loss as “a sexually frustrated guy who drinks Bud Light.” The case was later dismissed.


asdlabs-subway-knife3. When Sandwiches Attack!

When John Agnesini bit into a 12 inch cold cut combo he bought from a local Subway sandwich shop, he noticed a strange taste. He felt something hard in the bottom of his sandwich, turned it over and discovered a dirty knife baked into the bread! Agnesini found the knife before it did any damage to him, however he claimed to suffer from severe stomach issues for three hours afterwards. The 27 year old graphic designer filed a personal injury claim for $1 million dollars, although Subway eventually settled outside of court for $20,000.

4. Where’s your HallPass?

A second grade teacher sued one of her eleven year old students who ran into her in the school hallway. The teacher, Eileen Blau sued the student weighing at just 90 pounds for “negligently and carelessly” colliding with her “at an excessive rate of speed.” Blue claimed she suffered severe, permanent injuries


5. Please Avert your Eyes. 

A man sued NBC for $2.5 million dollars because of their show Fear Factor. While the show put contestants in dangerous situations, this man wasn’t a contestant, or even involved in the production of the show! Cleveland resident Austin Atiken filed a personal injury claim