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The term “slip and fall accident” is used in personal injury law to describe a class of cases where a person slips, trips, or falls on another’s property. Generally, a “slip and fall” claim falls under a broad category of “premises liability” cases where a property owner may be held financially responsible for injuries occurring on his or her property.

Dangerous or hidden conditions on the ground are the most common causes of slip and fall injuries. Uneven ground surfaces, ripped carpeting, wet floors, potholes, and cracked cement are just a few of the common dangerous conditions on the ground that lead to slip and fall accidents. Additionally, poor lighting and narrow stairways frequently lead to serious injuries, such as twisted ankles, broken hips, knee joint injuries, brain injuries, and spinal injuries.

If you were recently injured in a slip and fall accident, and you are interested in pursuing a claim against the property owner of the premises where you were injured, call the experienced personal injury attorneys at Bigda Law.

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Slip & Fall Accidents – What to do

Falls account for over 8 million hospital emergency room visits, which represent the leading cause of visits, at 21.3%. Of these visits, slips and falls account for over 1 million. Rarely fatal, the most serious consequence of falls is fractures and which occur in 5% of all people who fall and although and falls do not constitute a primary cause of fatal occupational injuries, they represent the primary cause of lost days from work.

Whether you have fallen in a public place, or in someone’s private residence, the major part of proving liability requires that there was a dangerous condition that caused you to fall, and that the owner knew about it. You must also prove it by a majority of the evidence, which means you have to prove that, more likely than not, the defendant was negligent in creating the conditions that led to your fall. Proving this negligence is your burden to prove in order to win a case like this.


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