Wilkes Barre Commercial Litigation Services

Businesses also need to fight for their rights from time to time. It’s important to have an attorney to protect and fight for those rights.

We offer to smaller and mid size companies cost efficient advocacy and the level of expertise expected from a large firm, with the personal attention and a business solution approach from senior attorneys with substantial trial and litigation experience. Our litigation attorneys work closely with Scranton Pennsylvania clients, to consider and use all options, including litigation, alternative dispute resolution (ADR), mediation, arbitration or litigation avoidance and counseling where appropriate to arrive at solutions which make business sense.

There are many aspects to legal representation in commercial transactions. If your business needs assistance with any of the following business and commercial law issues, we can help:

No matter what legal problems you encounter in the operation of your business, we invite you to contact us for a free consultation.

  • Security agreements: When you need an attorney to draft or review commercial loan transaction documents, please feel free to Contact Us.
  • Partnership or corporate problem: Often disputes arise between partners within a business enterprise or between businesses that require lawsuits to resolve. If your partnership or closely held corporation is experiencing trouble between the partners or among the stockholders, let us help resolve the disagreements.
  • Buy-sell agreements: We are contacted many times a month to draft buy-sell agreements, or work out agreements far the sale of stock, or for the sale of an entire business.
  • Title insurance: because we also have a title company with a significant staff of highly qualified professionals, our commercial law clients appreciate our ability to deal with any title issues that may arise in their real estate transactions.
  • Asset Purchase agreements: We help businesses and individuals buy and sell businesses or the assets of one business.
  • Stock Purchase and Sale Agreements: Probably the most common means of one individual or business obtaining an interest in another business or of obtaining new ownership in an on going business concern.


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